License Type Description: Midi Files ( .MID format) and Wav files (.wav)

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MIDISALE Midi source files (including .mid, GS, GM, and backing tracks .wav file/ or MP3), are for personal use only. Midi Files and Backing Tracks offered from this website "may NOT be used in any "Artificial Intelligence software" or scanned into AI software or hardware applications" without written permission from MIDISALE LLC. Midi File and Backing Tracks sold from this website are the copyrights of MIDISALE LLC and may not be duplicated, distributed, sold or offered for resale.

Artist Disclaimer:

Midisale midi file and backing tracks, are not the original recordings and are newly recorded versions created from scratch by the midisale team.

Midisale has no relationship with the artists and or labels, the use of an artist name is for descriptive purpose only.

 Midisale is not affiliated in any way with the artists or record companies of the original recordings.

Artist names displayed at the midisale web sight are used only as a style identifier only. The artists listed in these descriptions are in no way associated or involved with can not be held responsible for any damage to your computer or musical instruments while using the midisale software or web site. All sales final